Mow Before You Spray, and Other Tips for Protecting Pollinators in Grassy Landscapes

Bee in field

With the right combination of methods, landscape managers can strike an effective balance between pest management and protecting pollinators in turfgrass settings. A new, open-access guide in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management (JIPM) offers an in-depth look at best practices for protecting pollinators such as bees and butterflies while reducing pests in lawns, fields, […]

Study Finds Oil-Based Pesticides Most Effective at Killing Contents of Brown Widow Egg Sacs

By Josh Lancette While going through pre-marital counseling earlier this year, my then-fiance (now wife) and I were talking about expectations we had for each other. Of course, the typical things like honesty, teamwork, and faithfulness were mentioned. But high on my wife’s list of her expectations for me was something I didn’t quite expect. […]