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Tag: pollinators

a field of yellow wildflowers extending to the horizon, with a wire fence with wooden posts in the foreground, and a blue sky with fluffy white clouds above.
Laura Figueroa, Ph.D., holding two insects, one in each hand

How One Entomologist Explores Flowers’ Dual Role for Bee Health

Meet Laura Figueroa, Ph.D., postdoctoral researcher at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, whose work in bee ecology and conservation earned her a spot in the Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium at the 2022 Joint Annual Meeting of ESA, ESC, and ESBC. Learn more about Figueroa and her work in the next installment of our "Standout Early Career Professionals" series.

small hive beetle (Aethina tumida)

Another Pest of Pollinators: Small Hive Beetle Management in Honey Bee Colonies

Small hive beetles (Aethina tumida) can cause substantial damage in commercial honey bee colonies in North America. Both larval and adult beetles consume hive products and honey bee eggs and larvae, creating a slimy waste in the process. A new guide discusses the biology and management of these pests and highlights current gaps in our knowledge.