Termite as Pollinator? Fossil Specimen Captures the Act

termite in amber with milkweed flower

As far as insect reputations goes, termites are typically known as pests. They get little of the adulation heaped on their pollinator cousins. But a new discovery of a fossilized termite in amber might give reason to see termites in a different light. As reported in the Spring 2017 issue of American Entomologist, a termite […]

Surveys of Corn and Soybean Fields Reveal Implications for Pollinator Conservation

Although corn and soybeans do not need insects for pollination, they do offer floral resources that are used by insect pollinators. So what kind of insects are commonly found in corn and soybean fields? The answer to that question can be found in a new article published in Environmental Entomology. Researchers from Iowa State University […]

Mowing Less Along Highways May Preserve Pollinator Abundance and Diversity

Mowing less frequently along Florida’s highways may boost pollinator biodiversity, according to new research in the journal Florida Entomologist. Pollinators visit flowers searching for food in the forms of nectar and pollen, and mowing less would increase the natural food supply for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, the study finds. Officials from the Florida Department […]

Study Finds Very Few Wild Bee Species Pollinate Major Crops

A major international study finds that surprisingly few bee species are responsible for pollinating the world’s crops. The paper, published in Nature Communications, suggests that only two percent of wild bee species pollinate 80 percent of bee-pollinated crops worldwide. The study is one of the largest on bee pollination to date. While agricultural development and […]