In Fending Off Mosquitoes, Spatial Repellents With Pyrethroids Show Potential

Aedes aegypti

By Leslie Mertz Step 1: Complain about how bad the mosquitoes are this year. Step 2: Purchase a can of bug spray to keep mosquitoes away. Step 3: Use it once and be disgusted by the greasy feel and weird smell. Step 4: Put the can in a closet, never to be used again. Step […]

Mosquito Repellents: DEET and PMD Sprays Most Effective, While Wearable Devices Disappoint, Study Finds

Aedes aegypti mosquito

A search for “mosquito repellent” on delivers more than 28,000 product results. For a regular consumer, it can be difficult to find the ones that truly work among a sea of products that make bold claims. Researchers at the Molecular Vector Physiology Laboratory at New Mexico State University are working to make the search […]

Here’s How a Journal Article on Mosquito Repellents Went Viral

By Josh Lancette Stacy Rodriguez, a researcher in Dr. Immo Hansen’s lab at New Mexico State University, became somewhat famous in November 2015, at least for a few days. Stacy is the first author on a paper that was published in the Journal of Insect Science that tested the effectiveness of different mosquito repellents. The […]

A Clip-on Repellent Device Offers Protection Against Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes

By Josh Lancette With public concern about the Zika virus growing daily, people are looking for effective ways to prevent mosquito bites, and now there’s some good news for the concerned public. According to an article in the Journal of Medical Entomology, a product called the OFF!® Clip-On™ repellent device could be an effective tool […]

Scientists Find Mosquito Receptors that Make DEET Effective as Repellent

Scientists have long known that DEET, the gold standard of insect repellents for more than six decades, effectively repels mosquitoes, but now researchers in the Walter Leal Lab at the University of California, Davis, have discovered the exact odorant receptor that makes DEET effective. They have also identified a plant defensive compound that might mimic […]