The Microscopic Spines That Many Bee Species Use to Hatch

bee larva hatching spine close-up

Perhaps you’ve seen the 2015 video from photographer Anand Varma (and shared again last week via National Geographic), a time-lapse of bee larvae hatching and growing in their cells: Watch: larvae grow into bees in this mesmerizing time-lapse — National Geographic (@NatGeo) July 19, 2017 What you can’t see in that video—in fact, what […]

Study Uncovers Unseen Details and Images of Ant Development

Obrunneus trap-jaw ant first instar larvae head

By Adrian Smith, Ph.D. Trap-jaw ants, with their spring-loaded jaws and powerful stings, are among the fiercest insect predators, but they begin their lives as spiny, hairy, fleshy blobs hanging from the ceiling and walls of an underground nest. New research provides the first detailed descriptions of the larval developmental stages of three species of […]

Functions of Grasshopper Genitalia Revealed, in 3D, Via Correlative Microscopy

Examples of Correlative Microscopy Technologies

For their study recently published in the Journal of Morphology, Derek Woller and Hojun Song created an animated, visual overview of all the anatomical components of both sexes of Melanoplus rotundipennis that were reconstructed in 3D using micro-CT scanning. By Derek A. Woller Grasshoppers have often been used in entomology textbooks and classrooms as model […]