Mary Roach: A “Gateway Drug” for Science

mary roach at entsoc17

By Meredith Swett Walker Mary Roach, best-selling author of Grunt, Stiff, and several other books, has a gift for finding engaging science stories where you’d least expect them. Be it the science behind the design of fabrics and fasteners used in combat uniforms or the challenge of engineering a toilet for astronauts, Roach uses her […]

How to Talk to a Reporter About Entomology

Best Research Vehicle in the World?

What can you do as a scientist to get the best, most accurate coverage of your research? Tips on working with reporters.

“People Want to Hear From Scientists”: Q&A With Mary Roach, Science Writer and Entomology 2017 Opening Plenary Guest

Mary Roach

For her latest book, Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War, author Mary Roach had the opportunity to get up close and personal with maggots. Chapter 9, titled “The Maggot Paradox,” explores the unexpected medical application of voracious blow fly larvae—cleaning battlefield wounds: “‘Those little mandibles,’ [Walter Reed Army Institute of Research’s George] Peck […]

Why Insects Make Great Ambassadors for Science Education

Butterfly Pavilion

Even though most insects are relatively small animals, they make a great focal point to discuss big concepts. “We use invertebrates as a model system to carry out science communication,” says Mario Padilla, entomologist at Butterfly Pavilion near Denver, Colorado. “Because, when you talk about invertebrates, that’s an extremely diverse group of animals that we […]

Entomology Takes the Stage (and the Airwaves) at Science Friday Live

science friday live - field visit

Last Saturday, on the stage of the Orpheum Theatre in Wichita, Kansas, entomologist Rachel Stone told the audience gathered there that a pile of animal poop is a lot like a pile of cheeseburgers—to a dung beetle, that is. Stone, a graduate researcher working in forensic ecology at Wichita State University, was a guest for […]