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Tag: science policy

A fuzzy black and yellow bumble bee visits a flower with many long, wispy lavender strands, amid a field of many such flowers blurry in the background.

An Essential U.S. Pesticide Database is Disappearing

Responsible use of pesticides depends in part on understanding where and when they're used and their impacts on the environment. However, a key source of information on pesticide usage is being scaled back, which could leave scientists and the public in the dark.

A woman poses in front of a large sign in an outdoor plaza in front of a building. The sign is five letters, about eight feet tall, reading "COP15". The C is green, the O is red, the P is blue, and the 15 are cream colored. On the bottom of the sign is a smaller label that says "Montreal."

An Entomologist’s Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Entomologist Emily Sandall, Ph.D., reports her perspectives from attending the most recent meeting of the parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. It's a critical international effort to preserve Earth's biodiversity, but insects at times take a backseat to other fauna in the negotiations.