Sulfoxaflor Found to Be Less Harmful to Beneficial Predators of Soybean Aphids

By Andrew Porterfield A new study from the University of Minnesota has found that the selective insecticide sulfoxaflor is just as effective at controlling soybean aphids (Aphis glycines) as broad-spectrum insecticides, without causing significant harm to some beneficial predators of the aphid. The new study by Anh Tran, Tavvs Alves, and Robert Koch, published in […]

Two New Videos on Corn and Soybean Insect Pests

For today’s post, we’ve got two more videos that were recently submitted to the 2013 ESA YouTube Your Entomology contest. The first one explains what host plant resistance is and how it can be useful for management of the soybean aphid. It was produced by Cable Hardin (Professor of Animation, South Dakota State University), Thelma […]