Be Prepared for the Invasive Spotted Lanternfly, Entomologists Warn

By Ed Ricciuti The Scout Motto is the best advice for pest managers who want to establish a first line of defense against problematic invasive insects even before they become established, according to Dr. Surendra Dara, an IPM and crop advisor at the University of California. “Be Prepared,” is what he and his co-authors suggest […]

The Spotted Lanternfly: An Invasive Insect that is Beautiful but Threatening

The spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) is an invasive insect pest that was recently detected in Pennsylvania. Despite its name, this insect is not a fly — it’s a planthopper in the family Fulgoridae. The spotted lanternfly is native to China, India, Japan, and Vietnam, and it is known to attack many different plants, including grapes, […]