Beetle Fossil Nearly Doubles the Age of Known Parasites of Social Insects

Mesosymbion compactus

When ancient insects first evolved eusocial behavior and began forming colonies, it didn’t take long, paleontologically speaking, for parasites of those resource-rich colonies to evolve, as well. A newly discovered ancient species of beetle found preserved in amber dates this apparent parasitic behavior to at least 98.8 million years ago. In a paper published in […]

New Beetle Species Named after Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Mark Twain


Michael Ferro, collection manager at the Clemson University Arthropod Collection, recently published an article that describes 14 new beetle species, all of which belong to the genus Sonoma. With these additions, the genus now has 57 species, 40 from western North America and 17 from the eastern U.S. These beetles, which belong to the family […]

Help Name a Beetle Species with Spectacular Genitalia After Stephen Colbert


By Michael L. Ferro Amazingly, many animals can only be told apart by their tallywhackers, and there is one that is so amazing that it needs to be named after the man with a million balls: Stephen Colbert. And YOU can support the project that will make this happen at! For whatever reason — […]

New Lucid Key to North American Rove Beetle Subfamilies


Michael Ferro, Margaret Thayer, Alfred Newton, and Jong-Seok Park have created an interactive, online Lucid key to North American subfamilies of Staphylinidae, commonly known as rove beetles. One out of every five beetles in the U.S. is a rove beetle, and their key is designed to make the first step in identification a little bit […]

Charles Darwin’s Rove Beetle Imaged On-site in Portland, OR


Each year at the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America, another meeting takes place. A group called the Entomological Collections Network (ECN) meets at about the same time and place, and they put on presentations about taxonomy, systematics, museum collections, interpreting data, and more. Plus, many of the attendees bring insects from all […]

New Species of “Gargoyle Beetle” Named for LSU Professor Dorothy Prowell


Entomologists from Louisiana State University have described two new species of staphylinid beetles in the genus Batrisodes, bringing the total diversity of the genus in North America to 88 species. The first, Batrisodes dorothae, was found in the Feliciana Preserve in Lousiana. The second, Batrisodes spretoides, was found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park […]

Oldest Rove Beetle in the Omaliini Tribe Found in French Amber


An international team of scientists from Spain, France, and the U.S. has discovered and described a rove beetle that is the oldest definitive member of the tribe Omaliini that has ever been found in amber. The discovery and description were made possible through the use of the propagation phase-contrast X-ray synchrotron imaging technique, which allows […]

Researchers Discover Three New Species of Rove Beetles from New Zealand


At the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Branch of the Entomological Society of America, Louisiana State University entomologists Jong-Seok Park and Christopher Carlton presented a poster describing their discovery of a new genus and three new species of New Zealand endemic pselaphine staphylinid beetles belonging to the supertribe Faronitae. Now their research has been […]

New Beetle Genus Discovered in London Museum


A visit to the Natural History Museum in London yielded an unexpected surprise for Dr. Joseph Parker, a UK biologist based in New York at Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History. Among the 22,000 drawers of specimens in the beetle collection was a new rove beetle genus collected during the 1990s in […]