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Tag: Sterile Insect Technique

Mexican fruit fly (Anastrepha ludens)

Artificial Intelligence Performs Key Step in Fruit Fly Management

Determining the precise age of mass-reared fruit flies is a critical step in managing them in the wild via the sterile insect technique. Researchers in Mexico have applied machine-learning algorithms that can accurately measure the age of fruit fly pupae to properly time irradiation.

navel orangeworm moth (Amyelois transitella)

Why Flight Testing is an Important Step in Sterile Insect Technique

Releasing millions of sterile insects to interfere with a wild pest population won't work if irradiating the insects also hinders their flight capacity. A new study shows this may be the case with navel orangeworm moths (Amyelois transitella), and further fine-tuning will be necessary to build a successful sterile insect technique operation to manage the pest.