First Impressions of Entomology 2017 From First-Time Attendees

Stephanie Anderson, Tanner Peltier, and Mina Jeong

Among the more than 3,500 insect scientists in attendance at Entomology 2017, about 1,100 are experiencing their very first Entomological Society of America annual meeting. Many are new ESA members as well, and ESA extended a special welcome to them at the New Member Reception on Sunday evening. Entomology Today visited the reception to talk […]

Student Posters and Presentations at Entomology 2015

The following videos were made by Laura Joan Kraft, a graduate student at the University of Georgia, at Entomology 2015 in Minneapolis, MN. Two are of students talking about their posters, and the one shows a student preparing for and giving a three-minute presentation.

Five Tried-And-True Ways Students Can Make the Most of Entomology 2015

By Rebecca A. Schmidt-Jeffris Chair, Committee on Student Affairs As the national meeting of the Entomological Society of America approaches, students will begin creating posters and practicing their talks for the competition. Everyone knows the drill: prepare for your presentation, go to other presentations that interest you. However, limiting yourself to just these two aspects […]

Deep Thoughts with Entomology Students

If bugs were to someday take over the world, would you be on the bug side or the human side? If you could be a bug superhero or super villain, what would you be? If you could pick one insect to eat, which one would it be? What is your least favorite insect? These and […]