Insect Astronauts: Eclipse Watchers Learn About Entomology in Orbit

insect astronauts display

By Tanya Josek On August 21 in Goreville, Illinois, hundreds of people from the Midwest gathered at the town’s village park to witness a breathtaking event—a total solar eclipse. While there were lawn chairs, cameras, and telescopes scattered throughout the park—as you’d expect—the gathering also featured a group of outreach tables for pre-eclipse activities hosted […]

Students Talk About Three-Minute Presentations at Entomology 2015

Three-minute presentations were a new event at Entomology 2015 (previously, there were only ten-minute presentations). In this video by Tanya Josek, entomology students tell us what they thought of the event.

Entomologists Talk About Twitter, Parts II and III

In these videos by Tanya Josek, entomologists at the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America talk about Twitter, including some possible downsides and drawbacks. Click here to view Part One.

Famous Female Entomologists Part 5: Berta Scharrer’s Twitter Feed

This is Part Five of a five-part series on Famous Female Entomologists, in honor of the 32nd Annual Insect Fear Film Festival (February 28, 2015), the theme of which is Female Entomologists. (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four) By Tanya Josek Dr. Berta Scharrer (1906-1995) was an extraordinary scientist. Her work was not […]