Entomological Society of America Issues Statement on Tick-borne Diseases

The Entomological Society of America (ESA) recently released a statement (http://www.entsoc.org/ticks) supporting the creation and implementation of a national strategy using Integrated Tick Management to better control tick populations and reduce the rapidly escalating impact of tick-borne diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, and Lyme disease. “The rapid rise in tick-borne diseases is […]

TickSpotters Can Help You Identify Ticks and Learn How to Protect Yourself

By Hannah Foster Oh no! You’ve found a tick! Who ya gonna call? TICKSPOTTERS! Maybe ticks haven’t started popping up in your neighborhood yet, but they probably will soon. That’s why it’s important to have what I like to call an “Emergency Tick Protocol,” or ETP. Here’s an example of a typical ETP I used […]

For Ticks, Researchers Find Lemur Noses to be Males Only in Madagascar

By Josh Lancette Ticks have been found in the noses of chimpanzees in Uganda, presumably because the chimps aren’t able to pluck them off during grooming. They’ve also been found to play the part of stowaway and unwanted guest, hiding out in human noses during transcontinental flights and making their homes in human navels and […]

Mice Aren’t Nice, They Help Transmit Lyme Disease

By Hannah Foster Upon hearing the words “Lyme disease,” most people think of two things: ticks and deer. Although these are certainly important aspects of the disease, ticks and deer are only two pieces of the puzzle. Lyme disease is actually extremely complicated, and its spread is affected by a wide range of organisms. Knowing […]

Dermacentor limbooliati, a New Tick Species From Malaysia and Vietnam

A new tick species found in Malaysia and Vietnam was recently discovered by researchers in Georgia. Adults of the new species, Dermacentor limbooliati, are similar to those of Dermacentor auratus and of Dermacentor compactus, species with which it was previously confused. However, D. limbooliati can be distinguished by a number of characteristics which are described […]