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entomologists in face masks and blue protective body suits posing for a group selfie
western cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis indifferens)

Organic Coating Gives Cherries a Chance to Fend Off Fruit Flies

With an organic, food-grade coating sprayed on cherries in the orchard, western cherry fruit flies have difficulty gripping the fruit surface to lay eggs. Ongoing research is fine-tuning the coating formulation in hopes of creating a new tool for integrated pest management in cherries.

McPhail trap

Researchers Use Simulation Model to Optimize Delimitation Trapping Surveys

When an invasive insect appears, responders must quickly set monitoring traps in the area to determine the extent of the pest outbreak. A collaboration between USDA-APHIS and USDA-ARS is working to improve such delimitation trapping survey designs and will publish new guidelines after field experiments are completed later this year.