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Tag: vector-borne disease

Community-Wide Integrated Tick Management: Not Cheap, New Study Shows

Effective and affordable tick management at the community level has long been sought after, but a new study shows the necessary costs remain steep. An analysis of integrated tick management models in a sample 1,000-acre, 320-home community find even a two-part program could cost about $400 per household, with more robust programs raising the price even more.

Closeup of an adult blacklegged tick on a solid blue background. The tick is medium rusty brown in color except for a darker brown circular area at the top of its back. Its eight legs are spread out, with its mouthparts oriented upward.

In Mississippi, Blacklegged Ticks’ Seasonal Shift Deemed “Very Strange”

In decades of surveillance, adult blacklegged ticks have only been found in fall months in Mississippi. But in 2022, 13 adult blacklegged ticks were collected between June and September in locations across the state, the time of year when previously only larvae or nymphs were found. Scientists sharing the findings admit: They're quite puzzled.

Overhead view looking into a cylindrical container with thousands of newly emerged mosquitoes.

New Study Improves Sterile Insect Technique for Mosquitoes

Researchers in Florida find that male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes live longer when irradiated as adults rather than pupae, an important advance in protocols for deploying the sterile insect technique to manage wild populations of disease-transmitting mosquitoes.