The Story of the Little Fire Ant, and Why Modern Medicine Can Learn From Indigenous Cultures

Wasmannia auropunctata

By John P. Roche, Ph.D. Lesions of the cornea that cause white discolorations of the eye, called leukomas or corneal opacities, have been discovered for decades in humans, domestic animals, and wild animals. Sometimes called West Indian punctate keratopathy, Florida spots, or Rice’s keratopathy, this condition was a mystery to the medical community. But a […]

Little Fire Ants Causing Big Problems on Guam

How bad is the little fire ant situation on Guam? Bad enough for the University of Guam to release a statement telling the island’s residents, “If you haven’t been affected by LFA yet, you will be” without control efforts. “What this ant does is that it swarms and pretty much eats all of the animals, […]