More Than 70 New Species of Water Mites Discovered via DNA and Color Markings

torrenticola mites

By Samuel Bolton, Ph.D. Picture a bubbling brook, gurgling over a hard bed of rocks and gravel. As a child, you were drawn to explore that strange and stony world, replete as it was with all manner of unfamiliar life forms. Freshly imbued with an unbridled curiosity for all things new, you were a natural […]

Nineteen Speedy New Praying Mantis Species Discovered from Central and South America

A scientist has discovered 19 new species of praying mantis from Central and South America that are incredibly fast runners. The new species of bark mantises were discovered in tropical forests and also found among existing museum collections. Dr. Gavin Svenson, curator of invertebrate zoology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, described the new […]

Two New Species of Butterfly Accidentally Discovered in Eastern USA

The discovery of a new butterfly species is very rare nowadays, so it’s even more remarkable that Texas researchers have discovered not just one, but two new species. “It was completely unexpected,” said Dr. Nick Grishin, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. “We were studying genetics of these butterflies […]