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    • Hello Dina,
      This is a female Toxorhina magna from the southeastern US. It is one of a few groups with an elongate rostrum. The “nose” is very long (looking like one of the legs) with minute mouthparts at the tip. The genus Elephantomyia has a similar rostrum, while the genus Helius has only a small one. The genus Geranomyia also has long mouthparts, but in that group the rostrum is short, while the mouthparts are elongated.
      Hope that helps!

  1. there is one in my house and it is on my curtains and it freaked me out and it tried to bite me and kept landing on me and bouncing on and off the walls idk what to do but capture it and put it outside or something it is 12:21AM when i found it in my room in my house and am 14 years old comment if you found one too??

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